Welcome to the first issue of Ruby Tuesday! You can read more about the idea here. But you’re not here for that. So here’s the real content:

  • Karafka hits 1.0! – if you haven’t heard about Karafka before, it is a framework for building complex workflows using Apache Kafka as a message bus. Most notable changes for 1.0 release are added support batch processing and making Sidekiq an optional dependency (which reduces initial complexity of the setup a lot).
  • Ruby is full of weird little things. A recent discussion on Twitter pointed me to another one of them, described in detail here at StackOverflow. It’s about array slicing and this code shows the effects:
    array = [1]  #=> [1]
    array[0,1]   #=> [1]
    array[1]     #=> nil
    array[1,1]   #=> []
    array[2]     #=> nil
    array[2,1]   #=> nil
  • Gemfile’s new clothes - say goodbye to your Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. Give a warm welcome to gems.rb and gems.locked. When? You can do it even today, but it won’t be enforced in near future.

Beyond webdev

Ruby is mostly used for web development but it’s not its only application. This section highlights usage of Ruby in other fields.