• rbspy – I have been following Julia Evans’ work on new Ruby profiler for some time. During last few weeks its first version has finally been released. And it looks really promising. Fair warning: it’s written in Rust. Right now it only works on Linux, but Mac support is on its way.
  • I still keep hearing that Ruby is such a slow language. It’s not a speed demon, it’s true, but here’s food for thought: Karafka (a framework for building application using Apache Kafka), is said to easily handle 50 000 messages per second. Not bad for a slow language, huh?
  • When not working on speed, other people are optimizing memory usage of their Ruby libraries. Here is a pull request that reduces it by more than 50% simply by just being careful about string allocations. Follow the example.
  • Talking about memory, it’s impossible not to mention Aaron Patterson’s work on new garbage collector for Ruby. It has been already posted everywhere, but here’s one more chance to catch up, if you haven’t yet.
  • For something completely different, here is a long and very detailed tutorial about getting started with Ruby and GTK+. UI applications are not very popular topic in Ruby world and maybe it’s not a best combination. But isn’t it nice to learn primer about window applications in a language you already know?
  • Last but not least, Dmitry Voronow writes about why his company uses dry-rb and Trailblazer Reform in their apps. He makes a few very good point and maybe it’s time more people adopt those excellent solutions in their solutions.

Less serious

  • You probably know Jekyll, a blog-aware static site generator which powers Ruby Tuesday among others. There is this really cool theme for it. It makes me smile and I couldn’t help but to share it with you.