This time I want to start with two posts I wrote in the meantime:

  • Hidden gems of Ruby stdlib explores less-known feature and classes Ruby is shipped with. I don’t know if you’ll ever need them, but it’s at least good to know that they are there, ready to be picked. And by the way, some people are actually using those.
  • Notes on writing Service Objects is a summary of practices I try to follow when writing SOs - most popular Ruby refactoring technique right now. Since there is no formal definition of them, I think it’s a good way to establish some boundaries and rules about how they should look.

But let’s not talk about me. There are other things worth noticing lately.

  • Http.rb is Great might be yet another comparisoon of what you can use to perform HTTP requests in Ruby, but it’s a very good one. Even though the title contains spoiler.
  • Joe Leo at GORUCO conference had a very good lightning talk (?) about how to write Ruby in 2018 and why we should all be excited of what is to come. Watch it here.
  • If you still want to look into Ruby internals, check out a blog post about Forwardable module.
  • Remeber TruffleRuby? Yes, the one that promised high speed and working with all popular C extenstions. Now you can install it via RVM, Rbenv or other version managers for Ruby. So, no more excuses not to try it!
  • I think some of us might have seen live music coding session by Nicolas Dermine in Sonic Pi. If you haven’t - check this out. But if you want a gentle textual introduction to Sonic Pi, here’s a nice blog post on Twillio blog.