• It has already been some time, but I cannot not mention it. Ruby 2.6 has been released on Christmas. And one very serious bug with Net::Protocol has already been found.
  • Speaking of bugs, do you know how to crash Ruby 2.5 virtual machine in very few lines of code? Paweł Pacana certainly knows. It’s as simple as those six lines of code:
def doh
  123 if false
  • Back to the good things. I have two concurrency-related posts for you:
    • First one is about Task monad, coming from excellent dry-monads gem. I never knew such solution existed there. A very interested read.
    • Second presents more traditional, yet frequently overlooked, approach: Fibers Are the Right Solution.
  • Law of Demeter, one on the foundations of SOLID principles, is a very misunderstood one. Many people treat it just as “counting dots” in your code. And they couldn’t be more wrong. Rebased takes you on the tour about LoD in Ruby, using Sinatra application as the example.

Happy coding in 2019!