Welcome to this first-and-last issue of “Ruby Tuesday” in November. I didn’t have too much time lately, but here’s what I collected for you:

  • Schwartzian transform & faster sorting – dive into Ruby implementation of sorting and learn how Enumerable#sort works in details. It helped Jekyll reduce their sorting times significantly, maybe it’ll ease some of your pains too.
  • We continue diving deep into things we use everyday. Implementing a worker pool will guide you through details of how this structure works and how to implement it in Ruby. Not for production use, of course, but to learn how the stuff works.
  • Improving Ruby Performance with Rust explains how offloading some computations to Rust can match performance of native CRuby implementation. The topic itself is not new. If you’re not into Rust, long time ago I wrote about using D for that purpose.
  • What Ruby versions are used in production systems? Semaphore CI shares some statistics from projects using their platform. You may found some surprises (I mean, 1.8.7 in 2017?!)