Welcome to the first issue of Ruby Tuesday in 2018! Are you ready to start a new year with great Ruby-only and Rails-free content? Here are some things (some from 2017 though) to set you on track:

  • As every year, new Ruby version has been released on Christmas day. I’m sure you have read tons of articles about that, but if you need a recap, here’s one. Or if you are a performance freak, there are some benchmarks available too.
  • It’s a new year’s resolutions time so why not try to look into something completely different in programming? If, like me, it’s gamedev and maybe some roguelike, you might like this awesome terminal UI library called RETerm. It lets you compose your command line view with widgets and stuff - and all this in Ruby.
  • If you want some more terminal goodness, there is a tty suite for that. It includes for example tty-prompt for, well, prompts or tty-reader for reading from input.
  • Here’s a real gem for web developers. roda and dry-web has been around for some time yet, built upon dry.rb tools, but it desperately lacked a more comprehensive documentation. Now it’s no longer true. There is a great tutorial on how to start with dry-web-roda stack.

Again, happy new 2018 and happy coding!